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Go Ape Duty Manager Role


Duty Manager Appointments


Any member of staff wishing to take on the role of Duty Manager should write a brief letter of application to their manager; these will be held in their site staff record.

Additional training will be required and the points to be covered are outlined in the Duty Manager Appointment sheet and training record.

Before any Duty Manager can take on the responsibility for managing a day or part thereof, their appointment must first be approved by their Site Manager and their Area Manager. The appointment sheet and training record must be completed and signed before a Duty Manager works their first day.

A Duty Manager day is described as a day, or part thereof, where you will take on full responsibility for the running of the site and the safety of all customers and staff. This does not include instances where managers are in close vicinity and available on the radio or via a mobile phone, nor does it include taking on the responsibility of opening or closing the course.

As a guide for any Duty Manager shift over 3 hours you will receive an additional payment.

Duty managers should hold a first aid in the workplace qualification or a 16 hour minimum relevant first aid qualification. They must be rescue trained. Any exceptions must be agreed with the site Area Manager.